Create a Mobile Sales App

Effortix comes with everything you need to start selling from your mobile phone right now. A mobile catalog that is weightless, doesn’t crumble and tear and is easily kept updated plus a built-in shopping cart that makes it easy to manage your orders. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create such an app and how to use it to grow your business by selling products & processing orders efficiently. Create a new app and start reading!



The first thing you’ll need is to add a catalog of your products into your app.

Just add the Catalog and insert all of your products.
Add a Catalog

If you need help, see our detailed guide to creating a well-organized Mobile catalog for your business in the documentation.

Learn More about Catalog


Having a mobile catalog is a great way to showcase your products and simplify the work of your sales representatives. However, without a shopping cart, you can’t use it to its full potential.

Go ahead and insert the Shopping Cart into your app.

Shopping Cart

Learn More about Shopping Cart


Effortix has an Order administration interface, to help you keep the orders you’ll receive organized. You can find the interface on the administration main page.

Order management

If you want to have your app built with Effortix integrated with any other e-commerce software, contact us!



And that’s it, now you can start selling from your mobile phone!